Two Syracuse Teen Siblings Killed when Mom Loses Control of Car


A recent car accident on the North Scranton Expressway in Scranton, Pennsylvania was especially tragic, as two teen Syracuse natives were killed when their mother lost control of her car.

“Vehicle Was Airborne!”

According to, Gwen Lawson, the teens’ grandmother who lives in Syracuse, said that the vehicle was airborne as it rolled off the road onto an on-ramp several feet below.

Lawson’s daughter, 31-year-old Shakara Lebron, was driving her 2005 Mercury Mountaineer on the night of February 11th when she lost control of the vehicle near an on-ramp on the North Scranton Expressway.  Two of her children were killed in the crash.  Her 14-year-old son died at the scene and her 13-year-old daughter died later at a local hospital.  The driver is in critical condition at a local hospital after suffering injuries to her spine, skull, shoulder and ribs.

Lawson and a 2-year-old child were also inside the vehicle at the time of the accident.  However, neither suffered serious injuries.  Both teens are remembered as being excellent students and very artistic.  The accident was a true tragedy for this Syracuse family.

How Could This Accident Have Occurred?

In the coming weeks, police will try to determine how the accident occurred. There are many reasons why car accidents occur, and sometimes, they’re simply just accidents.  However, it’s also important to look at every possible circumstance to determine whether someone – or something – may have been responsible.  In this case, possible reasons might include:

  • Poor road conditions.  Although poor road conditions can always be a factor in a car accident, roads that have not been properly maintained (or proper warnings provided) by a city, county or state could result in liability.
  • Faulty parts and equipment.  A vehicle’s parts and equipment, such as defective brakes, seatbelts, tires, airbags and other controls can often be the cause of car accidents.  If any of these were a cause of the accident, then the vehicle’s manufacturer, seller or a service technician who may have recently worked on the car could also be held liable.

However, as we noted above, sometimes an accident – no matter how tragic – is just an accident. That being said, anyone who is involved in an accident should determine if you may have legal options available to you and, most importantly, help you to deal with insurance companies who may not treat you fairly.

An experienced car accident lawyer can also help you get through a tragic accident by making sure that your insurance company treats you fairly by compensating you for medical expenses, funeral expenses, property damage to your vehicle and anything else that your insurance policy – and New York no-fault insurance law – might provide.

The bottom line is that dealing with all of these issues while you are trying to cope with your injuries and losses can simply be too much to handle. Having an advocate can take some of these burdens off your shoulders so that you can focus on what’s important to you.

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