Beekman Boy Killed On ATV

A 15-year-old Beekman boy was killed February 23 when he crashed into a tree while riding an all-terrain vehicle.

The ATV accident occurred as the victim was driving the ATV on a road about an hour after dark. Apparently, he lost control of the vehicle as he rounded a curve.

ATVs are motor vehicles with either three or four wheels that are primarily used for off-road riding. They were first marketed in the 1970s and are popular for recreation, hunting and rescue operations.

But riding an ATV comes with a high risk of personal injury or death. More than 6,000 injuries associated with ATVs have been reported to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The commission estimates that at least 30 percent of all those harmed in ATV accidents are young people.

Following is from the Daily Freeman:

[The victim] was unconscious when emergency personnel arrived, according to the Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office. He was taken to St. Francis Hospital, where he was pronounced dead, authorities said.

Investigators said the accident occurred at 24 Indian Pass at around 6:40 PM Saturday. They said their preliminary investigation shows that [the victim] was driving the ATV and failed to negotiate a bend in the roadway.

Authorities said they are still investigating the cause of the crash, but said they believe unsafe speed was a factor.

ATVs are susceptible to rollovers, malfunctions and crashes. In fact, the three-wheeled models were found to be so deadly that manufacturers agreed to stop producing them years ago. But many of the approximately 2.4 million three-wheelers that had already been sold continue to be used.

Some wrecks involving ATVs are caused by defects in their design or manufacturing. Hundreds of thousands of ATVs have been recalled because they pose a risk of injury or death to users.

Source: Daily Freeman

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